This ‘Geek Squad’ scam is freaky


When you search for computer tech help, you may be inclined to Google “Geek Squad”, but you may not be aware of the following caveat.

Pay attention to a new scam warning. Reports say people are getting calls from someone who claims to work for Geek Squad or some other computer repair service.

The scammer claims they will reimburse you for some previous repairs if you go to a site and enter bank information but instead, they take funds from your account.

Now, from KENNEWICK, WA comes a similar account – “A scam is going around and one woman is warning others about it. Luckily, she did all the right things to protect herself.

“Betty Lee received a phone call Monday from a local number she thought she had recognized. But when she answered, a man she did not recognize came on and offered to give her a refund for some computer work she had done a while back.

“He was wanting to give me a refund on some computer work I had done and I said ‘what company are you with?’ And he said Geek Squad,” Lee said. 

“Lee thought it was odd that Geek Squad would reach out to give her a refund, but she followed along with the caller. He told Lee that in order to give her the refund he was going to need to access her computer and information, and proceeded to ask her how much she paid for the work she had done.

“That’s when the red flag went up in her head. “I thought that was kind of strange because if they are calling me for a refund… they should have that information,” Lee said. 

“Knowing something was off, Betty quickly got off the phone and dialed her local Geek Squad to see if this was right. A representative ensured her that Geek Squad does not reach out unless the customer reaches out first and that the phone call she received was indeed a scam.

“My fear is that they will get a hold of someone who will let them into their computer,” Lee said. 

The shocking reality of this scam is confirmed recently by a friend of mine who was swindled by this identical fraudulent operation. Never give any personal financial information over the phone and never trust “robocallers” with access to your computer. ▶SEARCH

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